Saint-Henri and Little Burgundy

Early Childhood and Family Roundtable

In action for the children aged 0-5 years and families!

To publicize, secure, harmonize and develop services and activities fitting the needs of families.


The Saint-Henri and Little Burgundy Early Childhood and Family Roundtable was founded in 1997 in the
wake of the publication of Quebec’s new family policy, announcing major changes to Quebec’s child care network.

After a few years devoted to setting up CPEs, the Table is broadening and diversifying its actions with a view to better ensure that all the needs of families and toddlers are met.


In all its actions, the Table has always relied on collaboration, mutual aid, and respect for the families it serves, the partners it works with, and the environment in which it operates.

These core values form the basis of the choices made by the Table to support families with young


The Table’s ongoing commitment to act for children and families is reflected in the following four priority


Support the development of services and actions taking into account the needs of families in coherence
with existing resources.


Contribute to the creation of nurturing environments for children aged 0-5 years and their families.


Ensure links with local actors and other roundtables in a perspective of complementarity and continuity
of actions.


Maximize the flow of information and disseminate information to professionals working with toddlers
and families.


Support the full development of children aged 0-5 years before they enter school.